Sunday, April 24, 2011

Better Days, Part Deux

Well, here we are again. We aren't moving on to a new comic, that's coming next week. For now, we're revisiting one we've already done. We're going from chapters 14 to 25, hold on to your asses, because from here on shit is going to get *everywhere*.

Jay Naylor is not a smart man. He is can't seperate his own views from his characters. As such, any time any character of any intelligence is faced with a choice, they respond by asking "what would naylor do", and proceeding to lay out the same fucking line every time.

At this point in the comic, Naylor stops pretending Better Days is anything but his soapbox, and by that I mean Ayn Rand's soapbox. Everyone who visibly doesn't fit the Objectivist mould is a complete fucking strawman, with no ambiguity whatsoever.

You Catholic? Never date outside your religion. Also, religion is for retards. Also your overbearing mother is a bitch.

You Jewish? Well you're obviously uncut and never visibly practice your faith. Also your overbearing mother is a bitch.

Black? Or Asian? Or anoyone who isn't visibly white? Just let the magical white man take away all your problems. Also never expect to be a main character. Also your overbearing mother is a terrorist.

Female? Don't say one thing and do another. WOMEN! Amiritefellas!?!

But if you're a white, randian male? You can get away with fucking anything. You get to be a super spy. The government can't touch you because they suck. You can fire live ammo with no one noticing, beat up all the brown people you want, and win at everything the stupid government failed at!

The comic ends with ...well it just kind of ends. Every character gets a happy ending(unless Naylor forgot they exist), even if it involves a powerless victim gaining an extra two million dollars. FiskNaylor gets the girl and has babbies and they proceed to have inspid little adventures too dull to cover here.

There, now that the actual comic part is over, we can get to the fun bits and make petty personal attacks on the author.

Originally this bit was going to be about 75% of the article, but the evidence I had kind of dissapeared for most of Naylor's bullshit. The time Naylor admits to fucking a dude while claiming to be straight, the information about his horrible foreskin machine, and a thousand little idiocies are all gone forever.

However, I don't need any of that to tell you Naylor is a lying, cheating, cock obsessed scavanger. Jay Nayor is so pathetic he gives E. Coli something to look down on. I don't mean the disease, I mean the boring version. Jay Naylor is the guy literal shit eating specks can't bring themselves to pity.

Jay Naylor saw that a bunch of thirtysomething men were getting into My Little Pony(To each his own, I can't judge or else half my friends list will tear my ribs out). He, in a flash of cosmic irony so perfect that Loki, God of Bullshit and Lies, must have suffered a mild stroke, decided that drawing cartoon ponies was *too furry* and drew them as actual humans.

Then it got posted to 4chan, and every single one of them talked about nothing but how pathetic Naylor was and how even anons that do nothing but talk about which pony looks best in thighhighs were better than him. Even people Naylor seems to think are too furry hate the fuck out of him.

Before my primary reading group decides to cut my fingers off, lets move on to some other stupid things Naylor does. For one thing, he rips off other people's characters. I don't mean internet dick sucking like hopkins, I mean full on bitchfest ripoff stole. To show no hard feelings, he proceeded to rip off another one and make her a love intrest later. And then he makes you pay to watch her get pounded by his uncut randian cock.

As you may have gotten from this, Naylor is an opprotunistic vulture who'll do anything for a quick buck. A quick look to the top of his site show's he doesn't fuck around. Buy his porn, stroke his e-dick, or get the fuck out. His name is in big white letters, framed with cat asses, and a porn ad a quarter the actual page size right next to it. That placement isn't random either, any web design class will tell you the eye follows a specific pattern, which in this case takes you across the cat asses, to his big poofy name, then the porn ad, and only after this gauntlet can you finally find out which cat is fucking which. The only thing he loves more than Ayn Rand is Benjamin Franklin, and it has to be a lot of him.

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